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Passionate about Travel

Introducing the charismatic host of Tribe X retreats, is renowned for his deep passion for wellness and cultural exploration. With a rich background in holistic health practices, he expertly guides participants through transformative experiences, and partners with the best practitioners for the rejuvenating yoga sessions and thrilling cultural excursions. His warm, inclusive approach not only enhances the retreat experience but also fosters a sense of community and connection among all attendees, making each journey with Tribe X unforgettable.

Ala, TribeX Founder

Impressive adventures

We travel thousands of kilometers around the world to find the best places to spend time.

Experience complete rest

We help you relax, because we know that it is not easy if you live in complete shame on a daily basis.

Notice the imperceptible

Focus on the world around you as you don't have to think about anything, because we will plan the entire trip for you. At the highest standard.

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amazing travels.

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